Q1. How can I place an order at Red Carpet?

Once you have selected and placed your shopped product in the shopping cart, you may proceed to checkout. Mention all the required information and select your preferred payment method. Click on “Place Order”.


Q2. What payment methods are available?

The following payment options are available for you at Red Carpet:

  1. Cash on delivery (COD)
  2. Jazz Cash 
  3. Account Transfer 
  4. Credit/Debit Card.                                                                                                          
Q3. Is there any additional fee for “Cash on Delivery” service?

No, there are no additional charges for our “Cash on Delivery” service. If Charges are there customers will be notify at checkout only.

Q4. How may I know when my order has been confirmed?

Orders at Red Carpet are confirmed on the spot as soon as you receive the verification call from our customer support. An order number will be assigned to you by our representative which you can use to track your order.


Q5. Can my order be modified if I wish to?

Once the confirmation call is made to you and order number has been assigned, you can only modify or cancel your order within 24 hours. This can only be done by calling the customer care directly on the given support numbers.


Q6. Can my purchased article be exchanged with any other article at any outlet?

Unfortunately, the article you purchase online, cannot be exchanged with any other article at any outlet. In case of any defect, you are required to send back the purchased product within 7 days.


Q7. Can I unwrap my order at the time of its delivery?

Customers cannot unwrap their parcel before making payment in cash to the delivery team.


Q8. Where should I contact in case of any defect or damage?

In case of any damages or defects, you may contact us on our helpline (021) 34989786.


Q9. Do you offer any gift wrapped items in online orders?

Currently we do not offer any gift wrapped items in online orders.


Q10. If I place multiple orders, will they all be delivered together? If not, will the payment be required to be made in portions?

In case of multiple articles ordered, we typically ship all the articles in a single package. You will be required to make the full payment at the time of delivery. In case of any exceptions, you will be notified and your payment will then be adjusted accordingly.


Q11. Are shipping charges dependent on the order weight?

Yes, the cost of shipping goes up as the order weight increases.


Q12. In case of my unavailability to receive my order, how many times shall the delivery agent try to deliver my item/items?

In case of your unavailability to receive your order, the delivery agent shall attempt twice to deliver your parcel. In case of a failed attempt the second time, the article shall be returned back to us.


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They were really good....size and material wise....v nice. The pillow cases were of good size aswell.

Quick service
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Its nice bedsheet satisfied with the prints & texture pls make a bit large from lengthwise as its a bit short for my king-size bed

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